token sale


Pubcoin will be distributed via token sales on the public Ethereum blockchain: an Initial Token Sale (sometime in the next few months) and semiannual Subsequent Token Sales every June and November, starting in 2018. Pubcoin tokens purchased in token sales are convertible into the Pubcoin tokens on the permissioned Pubcoin blockchain, and those tokens are usable for rewards at participating merchants and for distribution between individuals.

Please read our technical whitepaper for more details about the structure and timing of planned Pubcoin token sales.

We have not yet committed to a date for any optional Presale or the Initial Token Sale itself. Please sign up to our newsletter to learn more and receive forthcoming details of the Pubcoin Initial Token Sale.

We will require verified KYC ("Know Your Customer") information from all applicants for registration to participate in the Initial Token Sale and Subsequent Token Sales.